Friday, February 18, 2011

I tell Ya

I am sure most have heard, "The younger generation, I tell ya."  Well, let me use today's write up to tell you about just some I know.

 The first lighting system Eric put together 2 years ago which I have put a lot miles on and still use.  This year Brandon has an improved version.  The picture above is of the DIY lighting system put together by Brandon.  These have machined aluminum housing with the weight strategically reduced. This system uses 20 watt halogen bulbs and has a battery life of 2.5 hours for each pack.  Did I mention these are blinding bright.  They work well. 

This is the handlebar version and it weights in at a shade over 10 ounces including the housing, light, switch and mount.

And this is the helmet version.  This little beauty is only 4 oz.  Also the remote battery packs are nice and light coming in at 14 oz.  The combination of the battery packs with the halogen bulbs make this a very nice lighting system.

The big tire frame is coming along nicely.  Jeremy and Chris are CNC machine specialist.  They have been helping all the way along with fixture and frame parts.  Carbon fiber fenders are also in the works and I am here to tell you, even though they cover a very big tire, they are very very light.  Jeremy has already manufactured some and they are going to be sweeeeeetttt. 

I have mentioned that Eric is the designer and welder of the big tire frame.  Here he is doing some polishing.

With in a week, the proto-type will most likely be completely built and ready to ride.
Man, this younger generation...I tell ya! !


  1. That younger generation...they are very talented!

  2. The "Fat" bike frame is coming along very nicely!! You guys are doing a great job!!!!
    Those homebrew lights look sweet!!! I wish I was more handy to made myself a set!!


  3. Big Oak...Yes, I think they are.

    Joboo...Yeah, I waiting for the test rides and I am sure that will be sweet. I am not that handy either...never have been. When I work on stuff I sometimes make a bigger mess than when I started and that is how I sometimes get new things. :-)