Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sidi Trial

It was in October that I ordered some new Lake MXZ302 winter biking shoes.  Notice these aren't them.  They were due to deliver middle of November...then middle of December...then two more weeks they will be shipped and they will not be getting any in the size I ordered, so OK, I'll go up one size, might be better anyway and they will ship at the end of the week...NOT ! !  I finally ordered a pair of these, the Sidi Diablo GTX.  I tried them out today and they worked great at around the 30F mark for an hour and a half and I am sure they will be comfortable in temperatures much colder  because I allowed room for two pair of woolies. 

Very nice day to ride. 

It snowed most of time and some of the roads I rode today were free of tracks.  I changed that.  I always like leaving bike tracks in fresh snow.  It gives people something to talk about, as if I don't already give'em enough to talk about.

Eric has been busy with the big tire builds... frame with the Brandon/Eric heat sinks still installed. 

The frame is getting ready for the chainstays next.  They are cut, fitted and ready to go on in a couple days.


  1. Bummer about the Lake Mt shoes, but those Sidi's look pretty warm, too.

    What is the heat sink for on your new frame? And what does it do?

  2. I had a similar ordeal with my order of Lakes, they said the USPS lost them!!?? I doubt it, but it is government run!! Lol
    I will wait till summer or fall to try again, from a different web based company, or I'll drive down to "the big city" and try on 1st!
    Either way I'll be watching what you have to say about the Sidis; after all my Dragon 2's are my all time favorite MTB shoes!!!

    Nice to see the frame coming together!!!
    Are you guys gonna fill that thing with braze-ons?? The Salsa "everything cages" look like they'd come in very handy for bike camping/winter riding.
    Either way, Nice Job!!


  3. Big Oak, the heat sincs are for welding. They are placed inside the seat tube, head tube, and bottom bracket shell. They minimize and potentially eliminate burn through and warpage and are removed after the welds cool.

    Joboo, I'm not intending on adding too many braze-ons. Probably one bottle cage on the down tube and rack mounts for the rear as of now, but that can change at any time.