Wednesday, August 14, 2013

It was a Day of Tracks

 As of late, the weather around northern WI has been perfect IMO.  Low 70's, some wind...but not knock you over wind.  just a nice breeze.  I was undecided on what to ride today.  The fatty I thought was calling my name. So the fatty it was.

 The big tires of the 9:zero:7 rolled over this 5 miles stretch of fatter gravel really nice though.

 There were a lot of critter tracks on the roads today.  Tracks are hard to get to show up with my cheapo camera, but these are Grey Wolf tracks. It seems all types of critters use these back roads.  We had a short rain shower yesterday and they really showed up today.

 It is hard to see, but I came across this today also.  A young White Tail fawn hiding in the bush.  Better for the fawn that I spotted it with a camera and not the wolf. As with all pictures...Click on the Pic for BIG.  Might see it better then.

 Do not let the name of this road fool you.  This is the Jackson Moose Highway.  There are two water crossing on this "highway" like pictured below.  One of the crossings on this highway can get quite deep.

 This crossing is not on the Jackson Moose highway, but on another nearby "highway"

 Black bear tracks here.  

 The critters will walk these roads for what seems like miles.  I can see why.  Very little traffic.  I saw two pick up trucks near a logging job and that was IT.  Nothing else for 34.9 miles.  Nothing but critter tracks in the freshened up road surface. Here, whether MR (or Mrs) black bear liked it or not, I shared some of their bounty.  Wild Raspberries.

 With about 7 miles of gravel left to ride, I came upon these.  They for sure were today.  I think there was two people riding Hybrids across here.  I put it into overdrive trying to catch them, but no luck.

Easier to find than get to!!  (for you geo-cachers out there)

Almost 35 miles...with a great day on the bike, a lunch packed, secret go juice, secret energy treats and now not so secret roads.  I sure wish I could have caught the fellow riders.  Of all my years riding out here in the bush, I have only saw 1 other bicycle track...until today.  Today was interesting riding.  It was a day of tracks. 

Lets get outdoors and have some fun!!


  1. I would be more than a little nervous seeing those tracks.

  2. limon, To be quite honest, I do not worry about it. I actually look forward to getting a chance to see the critters, if only for a glance. Because usually that's ya get is a glance.