Saturday, August 24, 2013

Ya Think?

 At the last minute on Friday I decided to ride up and have lunch with my lovely wife.  I do this quite often.  Not usually at the last minute, but have lunch that is.  On this day, Douglas County's Lucius Woods County Park in Solon Springs was our meeting spot. 
 Because it was a last minute decision, I knew I had to hammer my way up.  I did make it on time in just a shade over an hour to get there. Give it hell all the up here, and ride close to 40 miles today, to have deep fried fish and greasy french fries.  Makes sense, doesn't it?
 I think it would be safe to say this park has three levels.  The top level is the camping area.  the middle level is the picnic area.  Also in the middle area is the Performing Arts Center where they hold the summer concerts.  The bottom level is the beach...picture further down in this post.
 This is where they hold Music in the Park(linked) events during the summer.
 I understand it is designed for concerts.  Good acoustics' and all that stuff. Beautiful building and excellent venue.
 Someone has been busy.  Flowers look nice.

This a shot of the beach area.  I wonder what that young fellow is up to in the picture.  It doesn't look good, but I think it isn't what it may appear to be.  I think he was talking to another young'un that was hiding behind the tree...maybe, yeah that's it.

This is just one of many trees that are starting the transformation adding some brilliant color to the country side.  Summer is going, going and fall is coming.

The ferns are also brightening up the roadside.
There are a lot of forest roads around these parts.  This one is named after a friend of ours.  RIP Dewey.
This ride had me riding across the bird sanctuary. Twice...and that is a good thing.  Although it was a bit windy on the return trip.

As I was hammering this ride on the way up to Solon, it had me thinking.  Three years ago I would come home from work and ride the bicycle in the evening.  In those days my rides were shorter, but at much faster pace.  Hammered almost every ride. Now a days, I might leave the house at anytime of the day and ride for 2, 3,4 or more hours.  But these rides are at a much slower pace. Last week I rode 6 days and clocked just over 200 miles.  I rode the fixed gear, the fatty and a road bike.  I do not worry about the speed anymore.  Or the miles I put on for that matter.  I mean 35 miles of sand and gravel or single track just doesn't add up quite as fast. BUT, the quality of the rides are top notch.  AND that is what is important to me.  My leisurely ride back from Solon on this day was much more enjoyable than the hammer ride up. These days I am sure my hammer rides can equal some peoples leisure ride.  OK, I will shoot from the hip on this one.  My idea of a quality ride may have changed, and may be due to age.  Ya think? I think I like it! 
Lets get outdoors and have some fun!!


  1. I hear ya on the quality rides.
    Sometimes I do miss being able to go out and crank it up, but even when I crank it up I'm still slow.
    So now I'm just slower.