Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Things didn't work out for Colorado, but WOW what a great time here in WI. 
 Janice and I have been riding some of what I consider Wisconsin's greatest assets...the rail trail bicycle paths. 
 We have been riding several of them, but this day had us on the nations first rail-trail, The Elroy-Sparta path.(linked) The wheels were put in motion to make use of this old rail grade in 1965 and in 1967 it was opened to the public.  It is 32 miles long.  Crushed limestone surface.  Easily ride-able with any bicycle. It also includes three lengthy tunnels.  Two of the tunnels are 1694 feet long, a little over a 1/4 mile in length.  The longest one is tunnel number three at 3,810 feet.  It is pitch black in the long one and 3/4 of mile in that darkness is a long way.
 This is the entrance to one of them.
 I have noticed most people bring only a small LED light.  If you are to go through these tunnels, I would suggest to bring a high powered light.  The scenery in them is what I consider fantastic. 
 In the long tunnel, plan on getting wet.  We have been through them several times, and it is always raining in the longest one.
 Yeah, I know...more tunnel pictures.  Click on the pics for big.
 My $100 point and shoot camera doesn't do it justice, but hopefully you get the idea.
I deleted 136 words I wrote as to my feelings towards the CRMBT.  "Delete the negative; accentuate the positive!" a quote by Donna Karran.  I want to keep this blog positive...So, what to do.  I know, go for a bike ride!! A walk.  A run.  Outdoors.  Cut firewood.  Anything Positive!!
Lets get outdoors and have some fun!!
And...Thanks for reading!!


  1. Them tunnels look cool.
    What do they do with the old tracks and stuff?

    1. The material from the old tracks are hauled away. The trail is then surfaced usually with crushed limestone or blacktop. ATV's not allowed on those. There are a few around that are covered with large gravel that are used mainly for ATV's, but bicycles are allowed. I have yet to understand when they do that. Not many people want to get on an ATV and ride a rail/trail. A real thrill on an ATV at 50mph and no hills or corners??? But they do lead from town (bar to bar) to town.