Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Nice and Easy

 We recently made a trip down the Red Cedar River Trail (linked) that follows along the Red Cedar River from Menomonie to the confluence with the Chippewa River. 
 If the water looks green...that's because it IS!! This is a WI state trail and many years ago we were checked for our trail permit.  I asked the DNR agent what caused the water to be green.  The agent blamed the turkey farms up stream.  They said because of the economic impact, it was very difficult to get control.  Although when I looked it up for this little piece, the information(linked) I found does not come out and blame them.  Sounds like it is a little of everything causing the algae. I tend to believe the DNR agent.  
 There are many picnic opportunities along these trails.  This one is crushed limestone and is suitable to ride with any bicycle.  Although when the trail is wet after a rain, it may not be ideal.
 There are a few of these bridges along the trail.  The longest and last bridge crosses the Chippewa River and is 860 feet long...this pic is not the Chippewa River bridge.
We have made several trips on this trail.  It rates high on my scale for just a nice, easy and scenic trail.  I recommend it to anyone.
Lets get outdoors and have some fun!!
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  1. Replies
    1. We are lucky to have a lot of nice rail trails trails in WI.

  2. Even with the green water it looks like a scenic place.

    1. Thanks Jeff. I also think it is a very scenic trail.