Thursday, August 8, 2013

More Trail links

 On this day of biking had us on the Wisconsin 400 State Trail (llinked).  Another gem!!  We also rode the Hillsboro Spur trail.(linked).  All of the rail trails are enjoyable to ride. 

 There are a lot of rock formations in this area of the state.

 An old barn on a nearby road.

 There are 4 trails that are linked with a map, but there are also other trails that connect to these.  The Ohmaha trail is one such trail, and although we didn't ride it this trip, we have rode it a few times in the past.  It is also a trail I would highly recommend.

 More trail.

 We added a little Geo-caching on this trip.  Here is one of the hides.

Four days of riding and I can say in all honesty, not one unpleasant moment.  Not one!!  A great time.  Now off to the central part of the state for some more state trail riding.

Lets get outdoors and have some fun!

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  1. A great four days of riding here.... Great trails...