Sunday, September 7, 2008

Black Bear Ride

Really slacking on the bike these last couple of days, but the weather has not been too cooperative either. I did get some other chores done, so all was not lost. Friday evening I got some maintenance done on the bikes as it was raining...Saturday we cut and split a load of firewood in some rain, then had a benefit dinner for a relative we attended...Sunday we cut and split two loads of firewood, again in some rain. When Sunday afternoon came around with some showers and looking like more might be on the way, I went for a ride anyway...cut wood in the rain...can ride bike in the rain. I ride this route often and call it the Black Bear ride because it passes by the Black Bear Golf this ride took on a new meaning of the Black Bear ride. 30 miles with 1 hour 43 minutes of saddle time. I saw this 4 miles from the start. Jill in Alaska has tracks on her site that are way bigger than this one leaves and I might add she rides in rough weather a lot of the time so a little rain shouldn't bother us too much. This is a good sized black bear...not huge...but not small and enough to get your attention. This makes 10 bears I have seen while biking this year. Weather looming...go for it.
Someone mowed the airport.
Maybe it was this guy.

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  1. Great photos...also very interesting. Found a minute to slough off.

    See you tomorrow (Tuesday)