Sunday, September 21, 2008

Home work report

I haven't been on a bicycle all week...and that SUCKS...but getting some necessary work done on our home this week. I think I should be able to log some miles to offset the hours of labor I have done, but we will keep it honest.
This week we...Tore off the fascia board and sofits
Removed the shingles and put down new felt
Tore down a 2.5 story flue lined brick chimney
Put up a new gas appliance chimney vent
Put up a new stainless steel wood stove chimney
Hauled home 14 square of new shingles
Removed all the siding, except the walk out basement wall
Put on new drip edge and fascia board
Bought and hauled home all the stuff for 15 square of vinyl siding
Hauled all the old shingles and felt to the recycle center
Put on 14 square of new shingles...minus the 3 shingles we had left
Cut slot in roof and put on a ridge vent
Cleaned up the mess we have made so some
I know I am missing some stuff

We have lots left, but have been making good progress so far. We have had some great help....My mom and dad, our youngest son and his friend Mitch...these guys are, like my daughter says "buff"...our daughter...our son and his girlfriend.

The two new chimneys...I need one more section for the wood burning

The mess we still have left

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