Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Way it Is

The decision has been made. Right or wrong...the goal for this years Fat will be to reduce any chance of injury and still have a good time. As of this morning my goal was to get the best starting position I could muster and hammer out the best ride possible. I have changed that strategy. In a meeting at work today, the option of taking some additional time off was offered. I had already planned a new roof and soffit's, but with the extra time available, new siding and a patio door has been added. Have some fun and no injuries are a must in order to complete the task at hand. The crystal ball that resides deep in the back corner of my cranial takes up a lot of room too...says it is going to be soft, wet and slow...some mud too. I had already contemplated not going out too hard...although not seriously. This is the Fat Tire FESTIVAL after all and I will treat it as such. We will see how it goes on Saturday.

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