Saturday, September 13, 2008

The One That Got Away

The Fat Tire has come and gone. I had said I was going to take it easy...but couldn't do it. I started about 5 rows back from the elite and went out strong. It was very muddy...lots of puddles and a couple mud holes that were like a hybrid clay and quick sand. I rode hard and was having the best ride that I could hope for when disaster struck. Two hours 10 mins...32 miles in...8 miles to go...the hardest part in...feeling strong and going hard...FLATTED. It was a hard right hand turn at the bottom of a rocky hill and we were flying in a V formation like geese heading south. All of us were turning, braking and spitting rocks from our tires. We all made the corner but with in a couple hundred yards I heard air leaking.
There was a gentlemen that was parked next to us at one of the start parking lots. He and I rode the whole race together to that point. He would be in front, then I would be in front and we were back and forth the whole race. When I looked down to see if it was indeed "I" that was leaking, he pulled up along side and said "That's you bud. See ya later." He finished in the 260 to 275th area in 2 hours 41 minutes. So, just like try to sell your story to everyone...You should have seen The One That Got Away.

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