Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Putting it down

Put in a good ride this evening. Took a couple pics before I left. Little late, but trying to get some riding in before this weekend. This will be last of the hard stuff. I started with the first 7.5 miles against a 5 to 10mph wind...then 2 miles cross wind...most of rest helping. I ended this ride with 17.3 miles with 52 minutes of saddle time.

I know for sure I enjoy the biking much more just out cruising and not going for it, although I am sure my hammering is easy for many others.

Making an enjoyable ride on a country road doesn't get much better for me. The bicycle and the road resemble life. Like the road it travels are the hills...the ups and downs...the curves...the wind with and the wind sometimes blasting you head on...and then throw in a few pot holes for good measure. Make the best of the road and try to avoid them thar potholes. Like they say in the restaurants...Enjoy
How did you like that psycho babbling????

I like this bike.

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