Monday, September 15, 2008

Bicycle Repair and Homework

I think I should get a few miles on the bicycle log for the amount of work I did today. I have off regular work this week and am working on our home....a 13 hour day. I removed our block--clay lined chimney. It was over two stories tall but taking it down, it seemed a lot taller. Between an air chisel and a sledge...we got it. Then we put up a new mini chimney.

On another note; Lessons learned from the failed fat.

Lesson #1:Be prepared...i.e...bring the right extra tube, the one that fits the type of rim you are running. At the last minute before the race I grabbed a spare tube from my bicycle tool box and shoved it in my jersey pocket. I have three 26 inch tubes in the tool box. I grabbed a shrader tube instead of a presta. I wonder if that is in the idiot book.

Lesson #2:When patching a hole in a tube...Just because it is leaking air at a seam, do not assume that is the only hole...i.e...many times a pinch flat has two holes. One of my pinch holes was right on the seam and I mistakenly thought it was the only one.

Lesson #3:Do not be so cheap...Buy a pump that handles CO2 and pumps too. I had two CO2 cartridges...used them both...and was still flatted. I have been looking to buy one of these all summer, but have not found them at any bike shops where I causally stopped in. Should have searched harder or ordered on line.

Lesson #4:Read lessons 1 and 2 and 3 over again...and listen to The Bicycle Repair Man.

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