Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Hill work

I decided to some hill training tonight, although I will readily admit these hills are really speed bumps compared to many other places. I should have been riding these earlier to get ready for the Chequamegon.
I am still thinking of how I should ride this event. It is either try to get a good place to start towards the front and hammer the best that I can..or..just go for the ride. I know that if I did go out hard, I am not going to finish any where near the front, but part of me still wants to hammer it out. On the other hand , another part of me says that this is a festival, so just go and enjoy the ride. Still up in the air...What do you think?
I rode a total of 26.5 miles with 1 hour 55 minutes of saddle time. Sixteen of those miles were between these hills. My wife, sister, and brother-in-law met me when I was done playing hill guy providing entertainment to the wildlife. I then rode the 5 miles back home with them.
Back and forth..forth and back

This deer must have been curious...probably thinking...what's with this idiot riding back and forth between hills. He watched for quite a while.

This was against the wind tonight.

This one with the wind.

.8 of a mile one way
This is a dune on the side of one of the hills. Among its other purposes, it also serves as a play area for the ATV'S. The sand country is generally rolling hills...up and down, up and down.

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