Sunday, February 15, 2009

Bubar Island

I debated if I should go for a long walk today or go for a ride on the OCR. I decided on the walk. The roads around here are in tough condition for me to bike now. I checked some of them out yesterday. The sunny spots are clear of any ice...but the shaded spots are iced over. I don't like riding the studded tires because of all the blacktop showing and on the other hand, not enough blacktop showing for the regular tires. I have the Innova brand studded tires rather than the more expensive Nokian's. If I had the Nokian's, it would not be an issue because they have carbide studs...mine are made of carbon. If one were to ride the Black Bear route today, about 8 of the 32 miles would be covered with ice...and to add insult, the first 4 would be right out the end of the driveway. So...a nice, brisk three hour walk on Bubar Island it was.
The first 2 hours, I pretty much walked right on top of the snow. During the last hour, I started to break through, with made things a little more difficult...still good though.
This is one of the places that a friend of ours called home for a least one summer. Each summer he came to our little town from I do not know where, found a secluded place and called it home for the summer. At this place, his mode of transportation...canoe.

This is a spring I came by.

K O N K ! ! ! When we would find these in our youth, we would break these off, give them a throw at each other...and in a timely fashion yell...K O N K

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