Monday, April 6, 2009

Windy Cabin Ride

After Janice and I got back from the Person Lake Tandem ride yesterday, we were sitting around debating what to do with the rest of the late afternoon. She wasn't up to more riding. I was noticing the wind howling through the trees. Got me thinking...sure is a favorable wind for a ride to the cabin. She said if I wanted to ride down there, she would pick me up. She didn't have to twist my arm...much. I was out the door, on the fixed gear and on my way. The first 25 miles weren't too bad with the wind helping most of the time...just a few spots where it wasn't. All told, the first 25 could not be much better. Then came the last 9 miles...different story there, with some of it right in to the teeth of the wind. I was doing my best to keep my average up, but it dropped in those last miles. It took me a shade over 2 hours of riding time and averaged 16.9 miles for the 34 miles. I was on the fixed gear, so I went to The Fixed Gear site Doug the MN Bicycle Commuter turned me onto. I wanted to figure my cadence. If I did it right, 38 x 16 gears, my average cadence was 89 revs per minute. I thought it was going to higher, but even so, that's good for me I'm sure. I do not why I even figure that shit out. I just get out there, and the next thing I know, I am watching that computer. If the computer wasn't there, I know I would be watching my watch. That is what a watch is watch, right? It is really kinda old guy figuring out that crap...but no one ever told me I wasn't dropped on my head, so I don't know any better. I stopped once on the way down at the Namekagon river. The spring run is full on.

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  1. Nice time on the fixie. That type of cadence is the way to go. For me a high cadence is more efficient and easier on the knees.