Sunday, April 26, 2009

Getting ready for take off.

Janice and I went for a nice mountain bike ride. We rode some two track and some fire roads out by the Crotty Brook Trail. Words can't say how much fun that is for me...mountain biking as a couple. We did not go to the Ironman this year. We had decided to do the 30 mile ride on the tandem because Janice has a bum knee. When we were cutting firewood a couple weeks ago, she tripped because of a whole in the ground. She has been to the Doc's to have it thoroughly inspected....MRI and Orthopedic doc. She has the green light to ride, but needs to ease back into it. So that being said, burning that much fuel...350 mile ride 30 miles in lousy weather with the threat of hail damage did not make much sense to me. So, we stayed home this weekend and golfed, biked and dined out. I will say again, what a great ride we made. We had to walk a couple little stretches...added to the fun.

This was a spot where I thought we may have had to turn around, but the trail was raised enough to make it not bad.

This is just before the trail comes out on the fire road
I never tried to talk Janice into know, bad knee and all.

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