Wednesday, April 15, 2009

We have tried for three years to get a weekly ride where I work...after work on Wednesday. Just about impossible. On a good night, maybe four guys and that is rare. So, tonight I rode the weekly myself again. Good part about that is I was able to ride around home. I rode the Little Bigger Circle ride on the fixed gear with the temperature about 70 degrees with a southerly wind....perfect. I also set a new speed record on the fixed, 29.5 mph with a cadence of 155. I really have not been trying set any record, but I think with proper timing on the hills, I could increase that further. I also worked on the aluminum OCR. I basically started over with the front derailleur. I loosened it up, aligned it, set the cable and adjusted the limits. It appears to be working well now and we will see the next time I get it out. On a side note, while working the bike I witnessed my first mosquito of the year.

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