Sunday, April 19, 2009

Metric Day

I wanted to get some saddle time in before the Mn Ironman bicycle ride in Lakeville Mn next Sunday so I took the OCR for a ride. I fought the wind for the first 32 miles and then had a nice wind at my back for the ride home. I expanded the YMT ride to make it a metric century ride. I will call this one the Y M T Metric option. It is a very nice ride, but expect a total of maybe a mile of gravel. It is not bad gravel as it is just a few sections on Kingsdale Road. I rode it with 700c x 25 Michelin Pro race...completely smooth, no tread...and had no trouble what so ever. The other Giant OCR I ride has 700 x 23 Pro Race and I would not be afraid to ride that across the gravel either. It ended up to be 65 miles and it took me 4 hours with 2 stops of about 5 minutes each. I think riding the fixed gear has changed my riding habits some, as I noticed less coasting on the downhills. I surprised at the amount of whitetails out and about...Lots. All around great ride, but most rides are. Church at Cozy Corner

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