Thursday, April 9, 2009

I rode the fixed gear 35 miles to Spooner this afternoon. I went by two of the same lakes I rode by on Sunday...Sunday had ice....Thursday no ice on either one. That my friends, is a good thing. Last Sunday they were still ice fishing on another nearby lake. I did not ride by that one, but it would be interesting to see how much ice is on that one today. Oh, I almost forgot...Some golf courses are open. I passed this old semi trailer parked in a farm field. It brought back memories from way back. My grandparents did not drive, so my mother would take my grandparents to the Red Owl in Spooner to do their...and our grocery shopping. My aunt worked as a cashier there, and back then just like many people now, she lost her job when it closed. I do not remember when it closed, but I know it was in the 60's when we used to go there. Are there any Red Owl stores left?

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