Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Nice Quiet Evening Ride

It was a very nice quiet ride on the fixed gear this evening. A 22.5 mile ride and at about 2 miles in to the ride, I heard my first Spring Peeper of the year...a.k.a....frog. That is always cool to hear those for the first time of the year. Then at about mile 6, I saw two Sandhill Cranes. I watched them for a little while...more coolness. I also saw some deer, turkey, geese, ducks and swans. Spring Peepers making noise here...Most of their body freezes in the winter. They must be starting to thaw, although this is the only place I heard them tonight.

This Jack Pine was planted last year. These have white paper on the tops. This is called bud capping and is done to protect them from Whitetail Deer browsing. They have been known to decimate some plantings. It generally runs about $40 more an acre to plant this method.

Sandhill Cranes

Theses birds are huge. The male wingspan can be up to 7 feet.

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