Sunday, March 29, 2009

GWM Circle Ride

Cut two medium truck loads of firewood this morning...and then...43 miles of windy, hilly, scenic and a beauty of a bicycle ride. Rode the GWM Circle ride. I had ridden 11 miles before I saw the first car, and I knew him, so that called for a bullshit session. I am sure I didn't see more than 10 cars on the whole ride. It is early in the year...meaning that later when tourist and cabin season starts, seeing that few cars will not happen. Rode the fixed gear again. The rest of the family went shopping...they missed out, although they would argue that point. Porn
Some nice back roads I was on today

5 miles in called for shedding a layer on the top. Works out nice with that shirt, as it rolls up small and fits in the jacket back pocket. It was 37 degrees when I left and 42 when I got back home.

This is a Dry Hydrant. A lot of the places where the water is close to the road, these are installed to aid in fighting fires. Around here they are all numbered. When there is a fire they will use one close to the fire...i.e. #xxx...and use it to refill the tanker trucks that haul water to the fire.

Stopped for a break here and geese up river were really noisy. I tried to get a picture, but they were too far away and in the shadow.

I tried out the fixed gear on a sand//gravel road. It has 700X32 cross tires and worked well on this road at least.

Trout stream...Bergen Creek

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