Saturday, March 14, 2009

Eau Claire County Ride

We made a road trip to Eau Claire Friday and stayed over night. Saturday morning we stopped at the bike shop...Eau Claire Bike and Sport...just to shoot the shit. It was interesting as one of the locals, Ray, was there. This marks the second time we have witnessed Ray keeping Terry and Ryan in line...and that's a good thing. They have taken good care of us and come highly recommended in our book.

We then headed out to Fall Creek. I unloaded the fixed gear and headed north on highway K. I did not know what to expect riding in this area. I had never ridden the roads around here. Now that I have I can tell you one thing for certain...I have never ridden in a place where the autos have been more generous. Most of the roads today had a shoulder of 2 to 3 feet, and the cars still gave you room. They gave a lot of room and that includes the towns I went through...Altoona and Fall Creek.The Nokian studded tires require a 30 mile break in on pavement. I gave them a little extra for good measure.
Fall Creek, WI

Fall Creek to Seymour on highway K, back to SS into Altoona and through town, then back to Fall Creek.

Crossing the Eau Claire River...I think

This is the line between Eau Claire and Chippewa counties. In this area Eau Claire County has the advantage for bike friendly highways. The road narrowed going into Chippewa County and I headed back south.

Can't say enough about how friendly the automobile traffic was. I think that is a good indicator of the people that live in this area. 34 plus miles of X-cellent riding, even if it was a little windy.

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