Saturday, March 7, 2009

I rode the Little Bigger Circle ride this usaul, click on highlight to link and on the pictures to make large. This route has a lot of hills. I am really happy with the gearing on this unit so far. It has a 38 X 16 gear and I realize that is a very low gear for some, but I have not walked one hill yet...although I have had to pedal my ass off on some of the downhills. I was also had mixed feelings about which size to get. My road bikes have compact geometry and sized a large. This one is 58cm which turns out right for me on this bike. On a side note...Bryce if you are reading this, next time you guys are up this way...Lets Ride.
This hill has three corners in it so a picture of the complete hill is not possible. I reached a speed of 28.6mph and that is pedal'in let me tell ya.

Some stately Jack Pines.

There were some puddles today...but puddles are better that ice. I came around a downhill corner today that had about a 100 yards of ice at 23 mph. It did have some patches of sand and I sqeaked through some how.

After I took this picture I starting thinking...From this spot I could count 10 different lakes with in 1 mile or 2...not visually...just know they are there.
This is Tom and Jerry. I wonder how much longer they will be here. The one on the right has some pecker holes and is starting to look ratty.


  1. The Fixed Gear Gallery website has a Cadence Calculator. I plugged in your stats and found you were pedaling at 147 rpm on that downhill.

    I use a 41 X 17 on the Duluth hills, which is a 65 inch gear. Your 38 X 16 figures out to 64 gear inches. So we use the same gearing. I started out bigger, but found I had to struggle too much on the uphills. With 65 inch gear I can get up all but the steepest and still not spin out on the down hills. I also discovered I can slow the smaller gear with back pedaling on the downhills easier than I could slow the 71 inch I used to use.

  2. I started that downhill to see how fast I could get up to and it is something I will try to avoid in the future. That was over the top for me...a lot of bouncing. I wouldn't think it would be good on the body either. I had an average of 14.4mph, which I didn't figure out cadence, but is probably low.

  3. Doug, Thanks for the link. I had not been there before...awesome. BTW, 76 cadence avg...Hey, it is hilly. Some how deleted that last one..