Saturday, March 28, 2009

With the temps around +35 and the sun shining, Janice and I went for a 19 mile ride this afternoon. I rode the fixed gear again today. I really have grown to enjoy riding it. I had only rode my friends fixed gear once before I purchased this one, so I installed the brakes that came with it. There are some folks out there that say you do not need them and there are some that say you only need the front one...including the legend Sheldon Brown. Although I have not been using the brakes, I will leave the brakes on it. I am not using the fixed gear to make a statement or trying to impress anyone. I am using it to better my pedal stroke and hopefully improve hill climbing. I have discovered however, it is a blast to ride and I plan on putting it to a lot of use. I am VERY lucky in that Janice likes to ride too.
Stopped at the this boat landing for a little break. At 102 feet deep, I think this is the deepest lake in our area.

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