Tuesday, March 17, 2009

M & M Ride

My Dad put a scare into the family this past weekend. He was hospitalized Sunday AM until today. We brought him home today and through modern medicine, things are all better. We got home about 3 this afternoon. Janice and my sister stayed with Dad and I did the M & M ride...my favorite out and back ride...on the fixed gear. Nothing like a bike ride to come back down and relax a little. It was a 36 mile ride...I varied a little from the Map My Ride version. The first half had more up hills, into the wind and on the way back, sailing with the breeze. I like it better that way...get the hardest out of the way first. As always...click on pic for BIG St Croix River
Tamarack River

Rock in the Moose

Highway M Moose River crossing

Mail Road Moose River crossing


  1. Glad your dad is doing OK. Trips to the hospital suck, especially for some one that close. Nice pics of your ride, I just may make a raodie one of these days and check out the area. I have 2 brothers that live in Bennett and have ridden around there, but no further south. One of these days...

  2. I have not bicycled in Bennett...lived there for a while tho. I ride the Gordon, Wascott, Minong, Hayward, Spooner and Webb Lake area. If you...or anybody else...want to do some riding around this area, I am game. I only ask that you stop and let me catch up now and then.

  3. Looking at your ride route I realized I've stayed in your neck of the woods before. My boss has a cabin on S. Mail Rd about a mile east of the bridge over the St Croix. Maybe I'll have to talk her into letting me use it again. It'd make a nice weekend getaway by bike.

  4. The ride from Duluth/Superior to this area is a good one down highway 35. There are nice shoulders, but there is a gradual climb until you get past Pattison park. Once you are down to this area, I think the riding is fantastic. I am getting some of the rides on Map my ride, but have had some difficulty using the site. There are very few cyclist around here, but if anybody would like some company to ride around this area, please do not hesitate say so. On a side note Doug, I ran accross this blog the other day. You might be interested or already aware of it... http://bikenbreakfast.com/