Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring Ride

Plus 55 degrees and sunny...had to get out. We cut a load of firewood in the morning and biked the Person Lake Loop this afternoon. First time biking outdoors this year for Janice although she has been riding the trainer indoors for up to an hour at a time. She signed for the MS150 ride this June. It is a 150 mile two day bicycle ride from Proctor, MN to the Twin Cities area. She has volunteered the last three years and decided to ride it this year. They require each rider to raise $300 dollars in pledges and with the state of the economy, it has been tough fund raising year. We will see how it goes, and if we come up short...She will ride and I will be the support staff...and I be good at supportin.


  1. Funny, you guys get an extra month of good weather down your way. Yesterday was crappy and today is worse. I just may have to relocate.

  2. Wasn't nice here today either, although a little warmer. Still rain and wind though. We will welcome you to relocate...PS bring jobs.