Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hartley single track===fun

A group of five of wait....four of us, did about 2 hours of single track at Hartley Park. I think they consider that the east end of Duluth. It was some gnarly stuff. A lot of narrow trail with many exposed roots and some rocks. I have never been on trails that have that many bridges...lots of narrow, long and curvy plank bridges. Almost did an endo once...but a tree broke my fall.

Duluth is lucky to have people that not only build and maintain trails that are in existence, but also expand the single track system in the city. They have a new trail system they are "riding in" by the Piedmont area. Have not been there yet...but will be.

I did not take pictures today, but will get back there in the future and get some.

Two hours of gnarly single track with five wait four friends...can't be beat. Simply an awesome time.

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