Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Playing in the sand

I went for a 12 mile mountain bike ride on the Anthem this evening. I did not leave the house until 8 pm. The trails I ended up riding were mostly sand...some of it Ore 2 Shore sand....meaning deep and soft. I find for me it really isn't too bad, if I can keep my speed up with a high cadence and also try to keep my weight to the rear of the bike. Got back to the house just before dark. There were a lot of deer out tonight and some of them were bucks. I also saw bear tracks, sow and a cub. The tracks were in the soft sand and looked fresh. I tried to get a picture of them but because of it being late, the flash made the sand look flat. Nice thing about seeing bear tracks...that is where they were, not where they are...right????Shadows are long this time of day.

A deer stand I rode by.

Sandy hill and corner.

More sand

Any time spent on the bike, even if it is on sand, is G R E A T ! ! !

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