Friday, July 4, 2008

Cabin ride...Bears

Had a 6:22 am tee time for Hidden Greens North golf course this morning. Janice and I played 18 holes. The first eight holes were in some thick fog. After we finished up golf and breakfast, I rode the Giant OCRC2 to the family cabin. It was good to ride the carbon fiber I spend most of the miles on the aluminum. I saw a small Black Bear on the ride, but was not fast enough to get a picture. I have seen 9 bear on my rides this year...although three of them were cubs. It was 31 miles into a strong headwind. It was not a very long ride, but after walking and carrying clubs for eighteen this morning and then into the wind...I did not hit it too hard.We had a cold spring and a couple of late frosts therefore the Blueberries around here are far and few between....and most are not ripe.

This is an area where there is a Red Pine planting. They come in and aerial spray it to keep the oaks, grass and deciduous from growing. Some of the chemicals they use are Accord, Accent and Garlon. It basically kills everything but the Pines and also works as a fertilizer.

Guess which way I was riding today.

Arrival at the cabin and a nice swim after.

I was going to ride home also, but being the Forth of July and in the evening, I accepted a ride.

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