Sunday, July 27, 2008

To the cabin

I rode the OCR3 to the cabin this evening. I brought the camera along but did not take any pictures. I knew I wouldn't when I left the house. It was getting late and I knew I would be riding against the wind and into the sun for about 8 miles, with some of it on state highway 77. I am never too comfortable riding into the sun and not fond of the wind either, although that is a fact of cycling so get use to it. The cars that are coming from behind you can't see any better than you can....maybe worse because of glare and dirty I knew when I left the house that I wouldn't be taking it easy. I ended up riding a little over 31 miles in 1:39. It was a fun ride. Once I leave 77, it is about 7.5 miles left to the cabin. When I leave that highway and on to the country roads that surround the cabin, a calm comes over me and it gets hard to ride too hard then. It is a feeling like being home...relaxation...hard to explain.

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