Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Work ride

Decided to make a little longer ride today. I have a long commute to work, so my wife gave me a ride part way and then I rode the bicycle the rest of the way. Then, after work I rode home. I had to take a different way home than normal. The shorter way home is on an express I took the longer route home to avoid the heavy traffic, which was 55 the 12 in the morning....67 miles total.This is the Bong Bridge linking Duluth, MN to Superior WI. There is a nice path for bicycling, walking and etc. across this bridge. The only other bridge that connects the two cities is automobile traffic only.

This is the beach at Wisconsin's Pattison State Park. The climb from Superior up to Pattison today was difficult. It was against the wind and a steady climb for about 6 miles.

Stopped at this rest area on WI state highway 35. This was about 2 hours into the ride home. Shortly after this stop, I turned to go with the wind for 11 miles. That was nice.

My wife left the house riding her bicycle towards the direction I was coming from. We met about 7.5 miles from home.

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