Sunday, July 27, 2008

New B.O.B.

We bought this trailer so that we could do some bike trips. It is a B.O.B Yak Plus trailer. We purchased it from REI. The trailer weighs in at 14lbs with the dry sack and is rated to haul 70lbs. I loaded it with 42lbs of stuff and headed for home from the cabin today. That amounted to 56 extra pounds on the way home. It went down the road well, but when hills come along, you know it is back there. Actually you know it's there all the time, but it is not bad...I think it pulls extremely well. I did make it home with out getting into the granny...I think that is just because there is a stigma about riding the granny. I can see already that will have to change. I WILL be riding that granny gear. I would catch myself today mashing the pedals and then I would downshift to where I should have been riding. I took a different route home than I rode down. The route home took in 8 miles of very rough road so that I could avoid most of the state highway riding. I took it very easy on those sections...I always do, so as to not beat up the bike. Even with taking it easy on those sections, I averaged 15.1 mph. I thought that was good, as for carrying 56 extra pounds, although there wasn't much wind today and that helps. I also noticed that with the trailer on, the autos gave me much more room...THAT is nice. It took me 2 hours 15 minutes of ride time at 34 miles, with a short rest at this canoe landing. The rest stop was so I could look like I was touring...maybe???
Highway K canoe landing on the Namekagon river.

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