Thursday, July 3, 2008

Chippewa River State your passes

Janice and I made our way to Carryville WI to ride the Chippewa River State Recreational Trail. This trail is paved from Eau Claire to Durand and will soon connect through Eau Claire to Chippewa Falls and on to the Old Ab trail which leads north to Cornell and Brunet Island State Park. On the southern end of the trail, just short of Durand, it also connects to the Red Cedar State Park Trail. A lot of miles of nice scenery and no auto traffic to contend with. We rode from Carryville to the bridge crossing the Chippewa River and back. It was a 24 mile ride.
This is where the trail splits...right to Durand...left to Eau Claire...back to Menomonie.

Nice use for an old bridge.

Rest area along the trail.

The trail runs along the river a lot of the time.

When riding a bicycle, yield to a machine that is baling hay.

A spring that trickles down to dump into the river.

And another.

You are required to have a pass to ride the state trails in Wisconsin. It is $20.00 annually or I think $5.00 for a daily. We met this gentleman on the trail checking to see that we had one....and we did. It is money well spent....going for a great cause. This officer bears a remarkable resemblance to our oldest son.

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