Thursday, July 31, 2008

Crashed hard...still fun

Single track mountain biking..
Two friends from work and I rode the Amity Creek area after work today. There is some really cool stuff up there. A little bit of everything....long steep hills...short hills...narrow wide camber...roots...very close to some steep drops...creek crossings...things I am forgetting. Fun stuff if you ride within your ability and that's where I may have over stepped it today. It was still fun. I took a couple spills with the last one being a work of art...I mean I went down hard. I got a little out of rhythm...crossed up..and down I went on a downhill rock section. Took a nasty spill. Could of looked like gymnastics gone wrong for a second....second thought, it wasn't gymnastics gone wrong, but more like being body slammed in all star wrestling. I have some battle scars to prove it. I wasn't the only to crash though. We rode about 1hr 45mins. It was a very hard ride for me, good work out and I will feel it later.

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