Thursday, July 3, 2008

Single tracking with the family

My wife Janice, my daughter Lisa and I visited Lowe's Creek mountain bike trails at Eau Claire WI today. Lowe's Creek has some of the finest single track in the area and we spent 2.5 hours there.It was one of the most fun days I have experienced on a bike. It was the first time on single track trails for Janice and Lisa. Lisa rode very well and tackled the most difficult of the trails....The Onion....The Red Flint....didn't go around the log piles....and when she didn't make the obstacle, try it again.
This is the very beginning.

Taking a rest at one of the benches.

Lisa did not make it over this log....but

She did on the second try.

And then tried to talk her mom into trying it, but that didn't work.

I wish I would have taken more pictures, but that is one of my faults. I carry the camera..even take a few pics starting out on the ride..then neglect to finish up the job. I miss the opportunity for the best pictures.

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