Sunday, July 20, 2008

Party ride

I rode the OCR3 road bike to the family party today because Janice was there early to set up. This way I got in a nice ride and did not have to be there so early. I rode 43 miles with the last 6 being in rain and strong winds. I left Pattison Park, where we are camping, and rode west on county road B. Turned right on county W and then left on to county C. I then rode to the MN state line and on in to Wrenshall MN. I rode the bicycle trail into Carlton and on to Thompson and then down through Jay Cooke State Park. That is when the rain and the wind started. The skinny smooth tires on the road bike helps get it a little squirrely in the rain at 40 mph. I came out at Fond du Lac and then rode to Gary and across the bridge back in to Oliver WI where the party took place. There were several of these yellow fields along the way. You can also see the cloud bank hanging over the Lake Superior area in this photo. That cloud bank is what I ended up riding in.

Last year was a very poor hay year....this year one of the best. Go figure.

I had to ride the county W hills through the Nemadji river valley. The bad part of that is that about a mile of that is rough gravel road.

I do not know if the the grass is greener on the other side of the fence....but there is definitely a lot more grass.

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